An Endless selection of Inflatable Solutions 

Whether it is a larger than life outdoor giant inflatable shape, a point of sale product replica, PVC inflatables or helium filled flying advertising inflatables, Mr Inflatables can provide you with their magical solutions.
Mr Inflatables can offer great ways to build instant brand awareness through our inflatables and promotional set ups like advertising balloons, blimps, party tents, kiosks and booths, air dancers, flags, banners and more that can include your company logo or product logo for point of purchase sales. We offer many custom giant inflatables made to your specs. 
Air Sky Dancer     Blimps & Balloons    Rooftop Advertising Balloon
Inflatable Arch    Inflatable Mascots and Characters     Inflatable Replica
Mr Inflatables offer a nearly endless selection of Interactive Inflatables. Our castles and rides far exceed industry standards and we have a huge selection of styles to choose from. All of our inflatable jumpers and bounce houses can be purchased with your company name and logo for even more advertising advantage. Our inflatables can be customized to offer original concepts that make for an entertaining addition to any inflatable arsenal. 
To buy an interactive inflatable, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
All of our Interactive Inflatables are designed and produced in accordance with Australian Standards.