Planning a Fun Run?

If you are organising a fun run event, you need the right equipment – including a start and finish line. At Mr Inflatables, we have provided many fun run organisers with inflatable start and finish lines, and we can do the same for you.

Our equipment comes in a range of colours, meaning we can easily match them to your charity or event logo colours (as you can see in the above image of a recent event). We are also able to adorn the finish line with business, charity or event names and logos.

If you are organising a fun run in the near future, talk to the company that has plenty of experience in assisting with these types of events. For more information, contact Mr Inflatables today on 1300 877 421.


Variety Santa Fun Run

At Mr Inflatables, we put the ‘fun’ into fun runs. Over the past few years, we have worked with many event organisers in order to provide them with inflatable start and finish lines.

Recently, we provided inflatable start gates for Variety’s Santa Fun Run down at Albert Park Lake. We were very pleased to work alongside this amazing charity, and we had more than 900 people pass through our gates over the course of the day.

Participants were all running in Santa costumes, and we therefore provided red and white coloured start gates to match. The colour coordination made for some great photos!

When it comes to fun runs, Mr Inflatables can provide you with start and finish gates in specific colours – and we can adorn them with logos, charity names or the name of the event if need be. Call 1300 877 421 for more information.


Opening a New Store?

When you open up a new store, you want potential customers to sit up and take notice. In order to draw in those passing by, you need something that really grabs their attention – and this is where rooftop inflatables work very well. A roof top inflatable is big, bold and bright, letting everyone know that your new store is open and ready for business. At Mr Inflatables, we have assisted many businesses owners in getting the attention they deserve through our range of rooftop inflatable balloons.

These balloons can be customised to include your business name and any special deals you may be offering. They are ideal for brand new businesses, additional stores you are opening and also when you move premises – basically any situation where you need to let people know that you are open and ready for business.

If you would like more information regarding our roof top inflatables, contact us today on 1300 877 421.