Guaranteed exposure All DAY and All NIGHT!

Rooftop Inflatable & Advertising Balloons

balloon on building

Giant advertising inflatables

A magnificent form of advertising that help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our Rooftop Inflatables are huge, they utilize the power of size and light to grab the attention of your customers.

Impact & Visibility

Dominant visibility demands the attention of your customers by standing out from other advertising clutter.

24/7 Exposure

Add internal lighting and our inflatables will provide 24 hour exposure, guaranteed!

Sit back and relax

Mr Inflatables provides installation, illumination, printing of banners and all required upkeep of the inflatable.

Custom Design

We can custom design banners incorporating your logo, slogan or message. We also have a wide selection of stock banners such as, Sale, Clearance Sale, Grand Opening etc.

A Rooftop Inflatable is an essential for any promotion, grand opening, retail sale or to just to put you on the map. So give us a call and in most instances we can have an inflatable for you within a week.

Available to purchase in any combination of the colours below.

PVC Tarpaulin Colour Chart
roof balloon-05
orange balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon Hyundai
Illuminated Inflatable
Rooftop Inflatable Dinosaur Page Brothers
Roof Balloon Plush
promotional balloon
Made by Mr Inflatables
Roof Balloon Plush
inflatable advertising
Rooftop Balloon Medibank Icehouse
big sale balloon
Rooftop Balloon Mitsubishi