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Look up in the Sky!

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! No!
It’s your brand flying high above the rest.

Tethered Balloons, blimps, and balls also known as helium inflatables have grown popular in recent years in the Australian market. We can create just about any shape or character, fill it with helium and send it skywards to promote your product, brand, event or location.

We can custom print, or fit banners to just about any of our helium balloon or blimp inflatables.

The larger the helium inflatable, the stronger the winds it can handle. Our most popular blimps are five meters long and can handle winds of up to 20kph. A three metre ball will also handle well in winds of up to 20kph.

Helium filled floating blimps, balls, and balloons are great for grand openings, trade show events, and promotions. Our helium filled inflatables are constructed from PVC fabric and are manufactured with a UV inhibitor to protect against fading.

This material is designed to hold helium perfectly and is ideal for outdoor use. Nothing turns heads on the street or at a special
event quite like your own custom advertising blimp.

If you would like a custom design check out some of our images below on what we can do for your advertising project.

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