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How are Custom Inflatables Made? Transform your Big ideas into Giant Inflatables in three easy steps! You have a vision – We convert your idea into a design – Your concept is Brought to life! Are you looking for a fun, custom inflatable to grab some attention and support your brand? What a great choice! [...]

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Gold Coast Beach Parade unveils mascot ‘Burleigh’ A baby koala blimp was flying high over Burleigh Beach on Friday morning to mark one month until the Gold Coast Beach Parade. Measuring in at 5.3 metres wide and 6 metres tall, ‘Burleigh’ the koala blimp was unveiled as the mascot for the event, which will take place on [...]

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Here we are at the Bondi Ice Bergs where we helped to deliver an important water-waste message for the Finish brand. We created an inflatable tap that had water running through it turning Bondi icebergs into a giant sink! Libby Trickett - rural aid - ambassador was on hand to officially turn off the tap. It [...]

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Installing a giant floating inflatable blimp is not the easiest of tasks to do, but it is well within our teams scope at Mr Inflatables! We installed two inflatable blimps, otherwise known as airships, this week on a property alongside the busy Peninsula Link in Mornington Peninsula. The client was struggling to get attention from street traffic [...]

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