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Getting Started – Basic FAQ

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Basic Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising Inflatables

Q: What is a cold-air inflatable?

A: Custom inflatables that are termed cold-air, require a blower unit (fan/pump) to keep them inflated. Cold-air inflatables include archways, rooftop inflatables, sports tunnels, product replicas, characters, etc. Cold-air inflatables do not “fly” or float in the air like helium-filled inflatables.

Q. I’m looking to rent an inflatable – can Mr Inflatables help me?

A. Yes and no. Generally speaking we only rent in Victoria. We do not rent inflatables in other states. The inflatables that are available for rent include rooftop balloons, air dancers and archways. Most of our structures are custom made for purchase only. We do not hold items in-stock as everything is made to order with your specific needs in mind. We think it’s better that way!

Q: What is included in my inflatable purchase?

A: Depending on what you purchase your inflatable can include a Blower Unit, sandbags or ground stakes, ropes, a repair kit, instructions and a storage bag. We also offer shipping Australia wide.

Q: Do inflatables need constant airflow? How does it stay inflated?

A: The type of inflatable you have will determine how it remains inflated.

Cold-air inflatables require a constant source of airflow. Our custom inflatables come complete with a blower that needs to be kept running while the inflatable is in use.

Sealed inflatables do not require a constant source of airflow, they can either be filled with air or helium. Helium inflatables need to be filled with helium gas to remain afloat and require topping up every three to five days.

Q: Does my blower need to stay plugged in and turned on to keep it inflated?

A: Yes. Cold-air inflatables require a blower unit (fan) to keep it upright. You’ll need to plug in the blower unit, turn it on and leave it on to keep the inflatable up!

Q: How is the blower (fan system) attached?

A: That depends on the type of blower your inflatable has. For external blowers use a cable tie or rope to strap the inflation tube to the blower unit. Internal blowers are installed permanently inside the inflatable. No action is necessary.

Q. Can I hang a custom inflatable from the ceiling (at a trade show, exhibition, etc.)?

A. Definitely! Our inflatables can be designed to your requirements. We can help to advise where and how many tether points are required for any number of installation scenarios. An inflatable that is suspended will include the hanging hardware required for installation.

Q: Do you provide ropes to keep inflatables grounded?

A: Yes, our inflatables do come with rope and anchor/ballast that keep the inflatables secured to the ground or roof.

Q. I can’t use ground stakes at my location? What can I use to secure my inflatable?

A. You can use sandbags, water tanks, stationary items and solid weights, as anchoring options. We can offer installation assistance once your inflatable is designed!

Q: How can I maintain the inflatable and continue using it for years to come?

A: It is simple to keep your inflatables in good shape. Just follow our steps below:

Keep your inflatable away from sharp objects to prevent punctures and tears.
Always completely deflate your inflatable before storing it.
Be sure your inflatable is completely dry before storing it to prevent the development of mould or mildew.
Store your inflatable in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
Each year, do a quick inspection of the blower, ropes straps and seams to be sure your inflatable is not in need of repairs.

Do you have a question about advertising inflatables that isn’t answered here? Contact us to request more information.