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Get those heads turning in your direction.

Our Air Dancers stand above the rest!

Tower above the crowd!
Quick ‘n’ Easy set-up
Quality fabric
Custom Design
Day or Night use
Safety Protection
Heavy Duty Motor
12 Month Warranty

Air Dancers, Sky Dancers, Ravers, Event Men, wavy men are just a few of the names these eye catching tools are known by. One thing is for sure, they are proven in attracting crowds and public attention. Drive traffic to your store and increase sales! Wavy men are air driven inflatable dancers that move to attract attention. Air Dancers are the most cost effective way to get passing traffic to see where you are. The non stop action and bright colours will certainly capture the publics attention. Air dancers are suitable for Grand Openings, Community Festivals, Sale

Events, Birthday Celebrations and all kinds of special events throughout Australia. Production time for an AirDancer is 3-4 weeks and prices range from $1250 exc gst.

Air Dancers​
Rhythmic movement, bright pattern, cartoon design and all crafted here in Australia. Well crafted and proven for quality, and the latest technology for inflatables in Australia. Our giant range and huge selection gives you plenty of opportunity to add to your advertising choices.

Do I need a lot of Space?​
Only a small area is required to start your wavy balloon ad.

We recommend a clear area of at least 4m. Make sure there are no overhanging obstacles that may entangle or affect the motion of your dancing balloon man.

Do I need to use Gas to inflate?
Air Dancers utilise a vertical fan that blows cold air into the fabric. When plugged into a standard 240v power outlet the fabric expands and allows propelled air to travel inside the body and escape through top vents. The outcome is a giant outdoor advertising balloon that provides plenty of movement.

Australian Grade & Quality
We are very proud of the workmanship, quality and durability of our air dancers.
Trusted by Brand names Australia wide our inflatable advertising products can be sent to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Newcastle, Geelong, Broome and just about everywhere in between!