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Mr Inflatables Artwork Specs – Preparing Art For Custom Inflatables

How To Send Us Your Art

Before building your inflatable, we will need certain types of artwork from you. This might include logos, graphics or other images.

You can usually get these files from your company’s design department, design house or ad agency. Note: If the art is to be used as part of an inflatable product, it must be the “flat artwork.” (Your graphics person will understand that term.) We cannot use a photograph of the three-dimensional product itself. Instead, you should send the art that was used to create the product’s packaging.

You can download our artwork spec sheet from the following link.

Mr Inflatables Artwork Specs

If possible, supply a color correct hard copy of your final layout, including call-outs for critical Pantone swatch colors. Under normal circumstances, artwork must be provided 3 to 4 weeks prior to the shipment of your inflatable.

Inflatable construction will begin once we have your final approval of the design.