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Custom Inflatables for Events & Promotions

At Mr Inflatables custom inflatable shapes are our specialty. Our team can turn any concept, idea or design into a spectacular custom inflatable that will last for years. Our inflatables can be used for events, promotions, branding, tradeshows, corporate parties, grand openings, fundraisers and more! You can use a custom inflatable for just about any event or promotion.

At Mr Inflatables Transforming your Big ideas into Giant Inflatables is simplified to just 3 easy steps.

You have a vision – We convert your idea into a design – Your concept is Brought to life!

Are you looking for a fun, custom inflatable to grab some attention and support your brand? What a great choice! Maybe you are looking for a character or a logo to reflect your brand as an inflatable. Perhaps you would prefer something more functional, such as a bounce house or a jumper. In any case, you might wonder, “How are inflatables made? ”

We love a challenge and we can work with most ideas and budgets to bring to life your brand, event or promotions. Custom Inflatables can be used indoors at concerts, trade shows, art exhibits, or outdoors on a rooftop, field days or festivals.

No matter the size or complexity, Mr inflatables can make your idea an inflatable reality! As experts in design, development and manufacturing, over the years we have custom made custom inflatable characters, inflatable rooftop balloons, inflatable archways, giant inflatable balloons, helium filled flying blimps, inflatable tents, jumbo advertising balloons, Air Dancers, inflatable costumes, inflatable kiosks, inflatable booths, product replicas and much more. When you decide to add inflatables to your marketing plan, the task of finding the most qualified inflatable manufacturer to create, design and produce your piece becomes paramount. You certainly don’t want to invest in a giant inflatable product made of cheap materials offering a poor representation of your brand. What you do want is an experienced inflatable manufacturer that offers quality, creativity and excellent service.

That’s precisely what Mr Inflatables gives you!