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Air Dancer

Our Air Dancers stand above the rest!

Capture attention and turn heads in your direction

Easy and quick set-up Lightweight construction High-quality fabric Customizable designs for day or night use Safety features included Equipped with heavy-duty motors Backed by a 12-month warranty

Known by various names such as Air Dancers, Sky Dancers, Ravers, and Event Men, these attention-grabbing tools are guaranteed to draw crowds and public attention. Increase foot traffic to your store and boost sales with these air-driven inflatable dancers. Air Dancers are an affordable way to attract passing traffic and ensure visibility. Their continuous motion and vibrant colours are sure to captivate the public’s interest. Suitable for a wide range of events including Grand Openings, Community Festivals, Sales Events, Birthday Celebrations, and more throughout Australia. Production time for an Air Dancer is typically 3-4 weeks, with prices starting from $ 1,150 excluding GST.

Our Air Dancers feature rhythmic movements, bright patterns, and cartoon designs, all crafted in Australia. Known for their quality and utilizing the latest inflatable technology available in Australia, our extensive range offers plenty of options to enhance your advertising strategy.

Space Requirements: Only a small area, approximately 4m, is needed to set up your wavy balloon ad. Ensure there are no overhanging obstacles that could hinder the motion of the inflatable.

Gas Requirement: Air Dancers use a vertical fan to blow cold air into the fabric, expanding it when plugged into a standard 240v power outlet. This allows propelled air to create movement within the body, resulting in a large outdoor advertising balloon with dynamic motion.

Australian-Grade Quality: We take pride in the craftsmanship, quality, and durability of our Air Dancers. Trusted by brands across Australia, our inflatable advertising products can be shipped nationwide, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Newcastle, Geelong, Broome, and beyond.

Ready to elevate your event or promotion