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Explore a Vast Array of Inflatable Solution

Whether you’re seeking an expansive outdoor inflatable shape, a replica of a point-of-sale product, PVC inflatables, or helium-filled advertising balloons, Mr Inflatables delivers enchanting solutions tailored to your needs.

With Mr Inflatables, elevate brand recognition instantly through our diverse range of inflatables and promotional setups. From advertising balloons, blimps, and party tents to kiosks, booths, air dancers, flags, banners, and more – all customizable with your company or product logo for impactful point-of-purchase sales. We specialize in crafting custom giant inflatables designed to your specifications.

Dive into our extensive collection of Interactive Inflatables, featuring castles and rides that surpass industry standards. Choose from a wide array of styles, each offering endless entertainment. Personalize your inflatable jumpers and bounce houses with your company’s name and logo for heightened advertising visibility. Our inflatables can be tailored to introduce original concepts, adding a delightful touch to any inflatable arsenal.

Ready to buy a custom inflatable? All our Interactive Inflatables adhere to Australian Standards, ensuring safety and quality.