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Looking for an innovative, branded, strong, reliable and easy to use product?

We’ve got it! Inflatable Tents, Domes & Cubes

Inflatable Tents, Domes, Cubes, Booths & structures

We design, manufacture and stock an exciting range of inflatable products for the events, marketing and entertainmentindustries. Our products range from large outdoor inflatable structures, inflatable furniture, indoor and outdoor inflatable tents, and custom designs that are leading edge.

Advertising Power

Our tents are unique, big and colourful. A combination of three qualities that always capture the attention of passers-by and will draw crowds from miles around.

Events & Promotions

Use your inflatable dome at Festivals, Fairs, auto and boat shows, mobile marketing tours, sporting events, as a registration point for marathons and races, for handing out promotional goodies, as a shelter for meet and greets or any other gathering. Inflatable Structures are a positive approach in gaining attention and increasing foot traffic.


Inflatable tents are typically the centre of attention when installed amongst a crowd. Our inflatable structures will give people a clear view of you, your logo and your message and ultimately help build brand awareness and reinforce consumer recall of your product or service. An eye catching inflatable will ensure you are visible from all directions, regardless of where you tent is located.

Custom Built Event Tent

Select your colors, dimensions and required artwork or logos and we can create a tent to suit your Corporate Image. Unique shapes or sizes are welcome. We design, manufacture and print all tents in-house. Let our talented team create a design illustration for you.

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